Benefits of Membership

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Benefits of becoming a Member of The Hypnobirthing Association

As a Member you can use the letters, MHbA after your name, and display the logo on your website and material.
You have access to:

  • Your listing on Page 1 of Google in the UK Teachers’ Listing. This is extremely valuable for your business and brings you work
  • The Member’s Shop where you can buy the books and CDs you need for your course at a reduced rate for teachers
  • Other CDs that you can sell at a profit to the people you teach
  • All the scripts that you need to teach your classes in electronic form
  • The Hypnobirthing Association logo to use on your website and written material
  • Professionally designed Hypnobirthing Association Leaflets that you can buy at very little above cost price (and much cheaper than you could have printed in small quantities). They are designed so that you can add a sticker with your own details and use them at exhibitions or for general publicity.
  • Your own professionally designed leaflets. These are the same as Katharine Graves’s leaflet with the name, contact details and CV changed to yours
  • Membership of The Hypnobirthing Association facebook group which is active and supportive
  • Library of Information to support your teaching

Exhibition support:

  • We can lend you a Hypnobirthing Association banner free of charge (you pay the delivery costs) that will make your stand look professional and attractive
  • We supply you with the books and CDs you need for an exhibition on a sale or return basis
  • Attend a Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing Teacher Training course at the repeaters’ rate of 10% of the normal fee. This applies whether or not your original training was with Katharine.
  • Everyone who attends the course receives a Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing gold seal diploma and is entitled to use the letters, DipHb after their name.

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About the association

The Hypnobirthing Association has been set up to establish and support ethical standards in Hypnobirthing teaching.

Membership of the association is open to all fully trained Hypnobirthing practitioners, who subscribe to the principles and ethics as described in the Association's aims.

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