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The whole experience was utterly amazing

“I gave birth using the techniques you taught me. The whole experience was utterly amazing. I hired a private midwife and had my baby girl at home. I managed the labour on my own without giving a thought to pain relief, in silence and for the most part pretty motionless.

My midwife said she had never witnessed hypnobirthing working so successfully. I sat for 2 hours on a foot stool (apparently a difficult position to labour in!) and dilated to 10cm in an almost euphoric state. 

Thank you for your wonderful course

“ I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your wonderful course, and let you know that hypnobirthing transformed an apprehensive experience into one that my husband and I will treasure for the rest of our lives.

Our baby girl was born on the 15th of March at St Marys birthing centre 3 hours after checking in- what was the point really?!

I had a slow and steady pre labour over a 24 hour period, of which I used your relaxation techniques and visualisations, and did a lot of walking, resting, and talking!!  I was very excited, but remained calm, focused and confident.  I was determined to stay at home for as long as possible, and in hindsight, could have just as easily stayed at home for the whole experience.  (As it was, I left the birthing center 10 hours after giving birth.)

It was the most amazing empowering experience I could have wished for

“Our son (first baby) was born in the birthpool at home on the 19th June 14.41 in the afternoon, weighting 8lb 6oz.

It was the most amazing empowering experience I could have wished for, and he is a very happy healthy contented baby!

We are so happy we did the Hypnobirthing: it turned what is for so many woman a traumatic experience into something so wonderful.  Here is a short(ish) account:

I had a show just after midnight and mild surges (like menstrual cramps) started soon after. We went to bed and I managed to doze most of the night, occasionally waking up and breathing through another surge/cramp.  Morning came and my husband timed some cramps. They were now coming about every 3-4 minutes lasting around 1 minute, so even though I did not think I was in labour (all I felt was these menstrual type cramps – very manageable) we gave the midwife a call to let her know things might be happening.

I would certainly recommend it

“Our baby was born at home on Fri 21st March. 7lb, 3.5oz. Official labour was 12.5hrs.  We had hired an independent midwife and had planned to go into hospital but after a slightly odd reception when we called to say we were coming in, we decided to stay at home. 

It was actually a very quiet day with my husband occasionally whispering to the midwife with a request for her drinks order!  The hypnobirthing breathing, visualisations and music I found really helpful and the gas was also much appreciated from about 6 hours in. 

The birth of my darling daughter was a wonderful experience

“Thanks to your hypnobirthing course, the birth of my darling daughter was a wonderful experience.  Your workshop gave us the confidence to plan a home birth and we learnt so much on the workshop that I felt well prepared for all eventualities. I was unfortunate to have 3 days of regular mild contractions that would normally exhaust any expectant mother, but I managed to remain calm and unfazed throughout, listening to the hypnobirthing CD regularly, particularly at night to help me sleep.

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