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We had an amazing birthing experience

“I just thought I would send a quick note and tell you about the birth of our baby boy. He came to us on the 30th March, 2 weeks early, weighing 3.7kg and measuring 54cm!

We had an amazing birthing experience. My waters broke at 4.30am on Sunday morning of the 30th of March. We went to hospital at the recommendation of our midwife who did all the routine checks and sent us home to wait for further developments. My surges started at 2.30pm and he was born at 6pm the same evening, so all in a 3.5 hour amazing labour.

The birth went exactly how I wanted it

“Thank you so much for all the help you gave me during the course it all really helped.
I had a lovely baby boy on 23rd October. It was a very swift and calm birth. It all kicked off on Friday (22nd) night where I was feeling some mild surges. I thought it was false labour as I had experienced it before. By Saturday morning I knew it was the real thing and I went into hospital that morning. They sent me back home as I was barely dilated.

A positive experience with a happy ending

“We thought that you would like to know that we had a beautiful baby girl 2 weeks ago!  She decided to arrive on her due date (can you believe it!) on the 12 February at 10.15am. We had a very good labour and she was born naturally at Kingston Hospital without the need for anything more than gas and air and the amazing support of my husband, without whom there is no way I would have had the strength and belief to get through without pain relief.
I had some "twinges" at around 11pm on the Thursday evening and by about 2am was pretty sure that our baby was on its way. We went to the hospital at about 4.30am with contractions being about 5 minutes apart.  The hypnobirthing relaxation and visualisation definitely helped through this stage of the labour and I felt relaxed, positive and excited that our baby was on its way.  The midwife at the hospital was very good at leaving us to ourselves but at the handover around 7am I felt the need to be examined to have an idea of my progress.  I was quite disappointed to have only got to 3cm at this stage and psychologically the dawn of the new day (as well as the fact that our first daughter had been born at 6.45am) was playing on my mind. 

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