The birth of my darling daughter was a wonderful experience

“Thanks to your hypnobirthing course, the birth of my darling daughter was a wonderful experience.  Your workshop gave us the confidence to plan a home birth and we learnt so much on the workshop that I felt well prepared for all eventualities. I was unfortunate to have 3 days of regular mild contractions that would normally exhaust any expectant mother, but I managed to remain calm and unfazed throughout, listening to the hypnobirthing CD regularly, particularly at night to help me sleep.

When the real labour started I was so calm and in tune with my body that it actually felt like good fun - let the party begin! As the contractions intensified I did have a few moments of "Oh my God can I do this?" but my body had done the hard part and, with the CD on in
the background. I managed to keep the breathing going and she arrived after 4 hours of real labour.  No stitches. and she had an apgar .score of 9 out of 10 within the first minute - a very healthy baby bursting with life (she was screaming when she was only halfway out as if to say Hello World I've arrived')

We got through it all with no pain relief (apart from some homeopathic Arnica early on) and I was absolutely elated for days! She is now 4 months and as vocal as those first moments showed! Thank you again for your course which gave me the confidence to do it our way and a way to really embrace the life changing experience of birth and motherhood.”

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