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The effect of one CD

The effect of one CD

At an antenatal visit a mother came in almost shaking with fear:

Her pulse was 127 and her baby's heart was 167. She was put on the monitor for 20 minutes and at the same time her midwife suggested she listen to Katharine's CD Colour and Calmness...

Truly beautiful, gentle and calm births

Truly beautiful, gentle and calm births

Over the last few years as an independent midwife I have had an increasing number of encounters with clients who have had truly beautiful, gentle and calm births. The common factor in these births seems to be that they have attended your hypnobirthing workshop.

Keep up the good work, I will be recommending your service to all my clients!
- Odette

She Was Amazing

She Was Amazing
My first experience of attending a woman having a successful VBAC was a woman who used hypnobirthing – she was amazing!
- Mary Stewart, M.Sc, B.Sc (Hons), RM

So pleased I chose to train with Katharine and join The Hypnobirthing Association

"Its 6 months after I trained with Katharine and I wanted to give you an update.

The ex-pat community here have received Hypnobirthing well and despite not advertising at all yet and keeping my other job and 2 kids, I have now worked with 16 couples, all privately. I feel very comfortable and confident teaching the course and have some lovely birth stories.

I am so pleased I chose to train with Katharine and join The Hypnobirthing Association and I’ll always be grateful for her generosity and support"

- Clare


"I just wanted to say that since registering on the Hypnobirthing Association website I have received several clients this way who were looking for approved Hypnobirthing instructors. Definitely worth doing!"
- Fiona

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The Hypnobirthing Association has been set up to establish and support ethical standards in Hypnobirthing teaching.


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