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We often hear from our members how satisfied and proud they are to have trained to become a hypnobirthing practitioner and how rewarding they have found it.  They love working with expectant parents and being allowed the privilege of sharing this wonderful method of childbirth with others.

 As awareness of the benefits of hypnobirthing has grown, midwives are increasingly referring expectant mothers and fathers to Hypnobirthing classes. So the demand for classes is becoming more widespread - as is the need for qualified practitioners to teach these classes.

We believe this demand is going to continue growing as more and more people learn about the effectiveness of hypnobirthing and it becomes more mainstream - within the medical profession (and not just midwives) but also in the world at large.

Are you considering a change of career and becoming a hypnobirthing practitioner?

We have seen this increase in interest as more and more people are contacting us wanting to train to become a hypnobirthing teacher.  Many of our enquiries are from women who used hypnobirthing themselves when they gave birth to their own children and were so impressed by how effective it was, and how empowering they found their experience of childbirth, that they now want to share these relaxation techniques with other mothers.

Are you a practicing midwife?

We have trained many practicing midwives who were inspired by witnessing mothers using hypnobirthing successfully without unnecessary medical interventions. They too have decided to learn how to teach hypnobirthing so they can help more mothers have relaxed, stress-free births.

Are you a practicing doula?

We also welcome practicing doulas and natural childbirth practitioners who are already skilled in natural birthing techniques.  Training as a hypnobirthing teacher has helped them expand their considerable skills, giving them a deeper knowledge and understanding of the use of hypnosis in childbirth.

If you would like to learn more about hypnobirthing, or if you would like to find out about teacher training courses around the country, please get in contact with us.

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