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We held a wonderful Study Day in October, with some quality speakers who really brought some excellent insight to the day, including Mary Cronk who showed her experience of helping mothers with breed presenting babies to give birth normally.

We hope to hold some more Study Days on future dates, but we thought we would leave the programme up for those of you who were unable to attend, so you could see how the day was structured.


Hypnobirthing Association Study Day

Saturday, 13th October, 2012

We are delighted in the interest that everyone is showing already in the Study Day which is now coming into shape so we can give you all the information. It will be an interesting day and we have some top quality speakers:

Mary Cronk has agreed to come and share her huge experience on breech babies with us. 

Beverley Beech, the chair of AIMS, will be talking about all the work she has done to further the cause of natural birth.

Teri Gavin-Jones, antenatal training co-ordinator and midwife at Colchester Hospital and also a hypnobirthing teacher trained by The Hypnobirthing Centre will share her experience with us. 

Tamara Cianfini, chair of the UK board of the HypnoBirthing Institute will talk to us about being a doula as well as a hypnobirthing teacher. 

Jenn Deasington is an expert on obstetric choleosis support and will share her knowledge with us. 

Mel Scott will be talking about the loss of her baby and also about her work as a counsellor with mothers who have suffered a similar loss. 

There will also be time for discussion, because we want to learn from you what is important to you and how you would like the Hypnobirthing Association to develop.



HypnoBirthing Association Study Day

13th October 2012

10.00 Jenn Deasington

Member of OC Support 

- Obstetric choleosis

10.40 Mel Scott

Hope coach and specialist bereavement support

- What if the baby dies?

11.20 Break

11.50 Mary Cronk

Independent Midwife

- Breech births

12.30 Discussion

1.10 Lunch

2.00 Beverley Beech

Chair of AIMS

- The work of AIMS

2.40 Discussion

3.10 Tea

3.30 Tamara Cianfini

Chair of the UK HypnoBirthing board of the HypnoBirthing Institute

- A doula with hypnobirthing

4.10 Teri Gavin-Jones

Antenatal training midwife – Colchester Hospital

The hormones of pregnancy and birth

4.50 Assessment sheets and wrap up

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The Hypnobirthing Association has been set up to establish and support ethical standards in Hypnobirthing teaching.


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