July 2014 Newsletter

Newsletter – July 2014



We thought you would like to know about the new CDs we have been adding more CDs to the collection over the last few months. Here is the full range of CDs and MP3 Downloads available to you:


Relaxation for a Gentle Birth – the Colour and Calmness CD that you all know (blue). This is the CD which you give to every mother who attends a Hypnobirthing course.


More Relaxations for a Natural Birth – Peace and Relaxation (yellow). This CD contains all the other relaxations that couples are given as scripts in the KG Hypnobirthing course.


Fear Release – Confidence and Power (green). The main item on this CD is the fear release script from the course.


Relaxation for a New Mother – Support and Confidence (mauve) to help a woman adjust to her new role in life.


Breast Feeding – Nurture and Nature (pink). Support and relaxation for breastfeeding.


Peace Amidst the Hurly Burly of Family Life (orange). For any mother who needs help winding down.


Caesarean Birth – Positive and Gentle (powder blue). To give confidence and information to a woman who finds she needs a Caesarean.



As a one off special offer so that you can have each of the CDs for reference, just order 10 of one CD (to get the discounted rate) and send us an email to let us know what combination of CDs you would like us to send you.

All these CDs are available to the public as MP3 downloads on the website www.kghypnobirthing.com 

Each CD runs for about 40 minutes

We also have the background music River Dawn CD which if £8, also with a 10% discount if you buy 10 or more.

More CDs will be coming soon.



­­­­­Hypnobirthing Facebook Group


As soon as someone has booked on a hypnobirthing group with you, it is a very good idea to invite them to join the public ‘Hypnobirthing’ facebook group. It makes them feel they belong, and gives them a forum to chat to other hypnobirthing mothers and ask questions. It is also rapidly becoming THE facebook group for discussion about hypnobirthing, and it is to all our benefits to encourage this.

This is the email we send out inviting mothers to join:

‘There is a ‘Hypnobirthing’ facebook group that was set up as a forum for people to discuss and find out about hypnobirthing.  This is a public group, so do go to it and ask to join.  Your application will be confirmed straight away.

There are two things to note about this group:

  1. We do not accept postings promoting personal business interests as, if we do, the discussion becomes very boring and degenerates into a list of advertisements.
  2. Anything you post will be in the public domain and seen by everyone.  If there is a question you would prefer to post without your name attached, just send it to one of the group admins, and they will post it for you.

Do join the group.  I’m sure you will enjoy it and find it helpful.

People really seem to like this and the group is growing fast. It’s another benefit we can offer to the mothers we teach.



Hypnobirthing Doulas


When we teach hypnobirthing, we frequently get asked if we know a doula who is conversant with hypnobirthing, so we include a list of doulas who have also trained in hypnobirthing in the course notes, which many couples find helpful.

We have a record of many of the people we have trained in KG Hypnobirthing who are also doulas, but not everybody.

If you are a doulas trained in KG Hypnobirthing and you would like to be included on the list that we give to mothers, please let us know, and we will add your name.


Teachers’ Listing  


When we created the new Hypnobirthing Association website we thought deeply about the best way to present the teachers’ listing to make it easy for mothers to find you, so we set up three different ways: by map, by county (or by country for international teachers), or by name. Each of these (as in everything as we know in hypnobirthing) has its pros and cons.

Searching By Map

We made searching by a pin on the map the default option as it is the most accurate and the easiest to see at a glance. The pin on the map is positioned according to the post code registered on your listing, so it is important to have the pin where you teach rather than where you live (unless you teach at or from your home). You can have two pins, to show two different places that you teach. More people live at the edge of a county than in the centre, as is obvious by simple geometry, and all the people at the edge of a country want to be listed in the next count or counties. The pin on the map gets over this problem

Searching by County

Until recently this was the default option, so I think many of you (and many mothers) were using the county listing without realising the map is there. If you live in a large county, or a county where there are more teachers, the people at the top of the list got clients, and the people at the bottom were less likely to. To overcome this, we have set up a system so that the list is in a different order every time someone logs on. This gives all teachers a fair chance to be at the top of the list. Remember that, if there seem to be a lot of teachers in your county, there are also a lot of mothers.

Searching By Name

If a mother is told by her friend that so-and-so is wonderful, she can search by name and find you direct.

We are constantly working to make sure the website serves you well and any suggestions are all considered carefully.










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The Hypnobirthing Association has been set up to establish and support ethical standards in Hypnobirthing teaching.


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