June 2014 Newsletter

Autumn Study Days

We are finalizing the programme for the autumn study days and I can tell you some of the wonderful features we have on the day.

When Sarah Buckley visited us last autumn, she especially included in her course at our request a section on ‘Ultrasound Safety’ which we filmed, and we plan to show this film at both the Northern and the Southern study days. This is absolutely fascinating as her technical knowledge is superb, and it is a much under-researched and under-discussed topic. Sarah views this topic as a doctor and as an expert in natural birth, and we know you will find what she has to say fascinating and will learn a great deal from it.

We have also invited Mark Harris to speak. If you had heard the gales of laughter coming from the conference room when he spoke at the Doula UK conference, you will know that this will be an extremely entertaining and thought provoking talk. Mark is a nurse and a midwife, and has worked closely with Neil Walsh. He has set up the organization Birthing 4 Blokes. When I asked him to speak at both the northern and the southern study days he said he couldn’t guarantee to do the same talk twice, so when you hear him it is bound to be fresh and new. Make sure you come to hear him.

More details next newsletter, and remember to book at:

York      15th November 2014   To find out more and book your place 'click here'

London   25th October 2014    To find out more and book your place 'click here'




Book and CD Combination

We have always taken great care to make the book and CDs available to members at a lower price than they are sold to the public. But recently we slipped up, and one of our members pointed out to us that she could buy the book and CD on Amazon at a lower price than the separate book and CD in the Members’ Area of The Hypnobirthing Association website. This was a complete oversight, and we instantly put it right, so now we have a new item in the Members’ Shop which is a combined book and CD at a cost of £9.95 (plus P&P) which is a very cost effective way of buying your course materials. We always do everything we can to look after you. To see the new item in the Members’ Shop, click here ………



Teddington Classes

I have said for some time that I will gradually withdraw from teaching hypnobirthing to couples as I am spending more time training teachers, speaking at events, developing new products, and running KG Hypnobirthing with Archie. I am very aware that people, particularly in London, sometimes feel that I am teaching in competition to them, but when you consider that there are nearly 9m people living in London and the South East, the number I teach of approximately 10 couples a month is insignificant. Many months I send more than that number to other KG Hypnobirthing teachers, so there is probably a net gain for other teaches rather than the other way round. However I have decided that I will no longer teach the classes in Teddington as a first step in this process. I had a lovely venue by the river there where I thoroughly enjoyed teaching, particularly as I brought up my own children in the area, and it evoked lots of happy memories. It is also an area where there are many couples having babies, as people often move out of central London when they are starting a family. So if you thought I was competing with you in Teddington, you have a free run now!




When you talk about perineal massage in your hypnobirthing classes, you may find that people ask you about the Epi-No.  The Epi-No is a device that can be inserted into the vagina and gradually inflated in order to stretch the tissue and prevent tearing, strengthen the muscles, and allow a woman to get used to the feeling of pressure in the birth canal before she gives birth to her baby. It also helps the muscles regain strength and tone after the birth.

If you want to know more, go to www.epi-no.co.uk .

And in case you wondered, we don’t have a vested interest in Epi-no. It’s simply a question that might come up when you teach.





Stop Press!!!

Adding MP3 downloads to the Hypnobirthing Association Members’ Shop is in hand!










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