October 2014 Newsletter

Newsletter – October 2014

October is the perfect time of year for KG Hypnobirthing.  We have recovered from the summer holidays in August and we have not yet started to focus on Christmas, so we have been busy.  Our Study Days in London and York are approaching fast, and we are immensely looking forward to both.

London Study Day, 25th October

The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BU

10am – 5pm  

We have top quality speakers at our study day to give you an extremely satisfying and interesting day:

Dr Amali Lokugamage, Consultant Obstetrician at The Whittington Hospital, is much in demand as an expert in the forefront of natural birth.  I heard her presentation at the One-to-One Conference last year, and immediately wanted her to come and speak to us.  Her recent research into the RCOG guidelines established that between 7 – 12% are based on top quality research.  Her presentation will be on ‘Evidence, Risk and Autonomy in Obstetrics’, a subject that we are all confronted with every time we teach hypnobirthing, so it is a wonderful opportunity to be well informed.

Mark Harris, RN, RM spoke at the Doula UK Conference earlier this year, and his presentation evoked gales of laughter as well as being packed with information.  Mark has worked closely with Denis Walsh, and is the founder of the organisation, Birthing for Blokes.’  You will love his talk.

When Dr Sarah Buckley spoke to us last September I especially asked for her presentation on Ultrasound Safety.  We filmed the talk, and will be showing the DVD at our Study Day.  This is a subject which needs a great deal more research and discussion, and Sarah’s presentation includes the most up-to-date knowledge and research.  As hypnobirthing teachers, it is important that we are well informed.

We have two time slots set aside for discussion of our teaching, refreshing our knowledge, and learning from each other.  We would like your views on CPD.  My view is that it is important that people increase their knowledge and that most hypnobirthing teachers want to do this anyway.  CPD can be onerous and useless, or it can enhance our teaching.  We want your views about how to devise a system of CPD which is useful to you.

Lunch is provided so we can take the opportunity of renewing old friendships and making new ones.  The informal conversations in the breaks are a valuable part of the Study Day.

For more information, click here.

See you there


York Study Day

Remember we also have a wonderful study planned in York on 15th November.  Our next newsletter will focus on that day.

York Study Day



Change of Address

Would you let us know if your address changes.  If you change the address on your listing, it doesn’t automatically update our records, so would you make sure you let us know as well. 

We have had things returned to us recently, even orders of books and CDs, because they were sent to an old address.  Please let us know and keep us up-to-date.


Book and Cd Pack  

You asked for a book and CD pack, and we listened, so now it is available.  The book on its own costs £6.50 and the Colour and Calmness CD (or any of the CDs) is £5.00  These are the discounted prices to KG Hypnobirthing teachers.  We have now produced the combined book and CD item in the shop at a price of only £9.95 which helps you even more.

Of course the 10% discount also applies if you buy 10 or more.

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Counting for Breathing

In The Hypnobirthing Book it suggests a count for breathing, but I have thought about this a great deal and no longer use this.  The reason is that everyone is so different, particularly in pregnancy.  If a woman is approaching 40 weeks and the baby is very high up, her lungs capacity will be very small and she will of necessity take smaller breaths.  A little while later, when the head engages and the baby drops, suddenly her lung capacity increases.  If she is given a particular count, she will aspire to reach it, and that will cause tension, so I no longer use a count at all for breathing.  She simply does a long slow breath in through the nose, and out the mouth, in her own time.  It is on the long slow out breath that she produces most oxytocin.  Kerstin Uvnas Moberg’s boos, The Oxytocin Factor, is very well worth reading.


Teacher of the Month

It is good to find out about what our fellow KG Hypnobirthing teachers are doing.  So we are going to have a feature about one teacher each month.  It isn’t necessarily the best, or the one who teaches most couples, but all will definitely be interesting and wonderful people.

This month we are focussing on a wonderful KG Hypnobirthing teacher and person, Rachel Gardner.


I used to be a drama and English teacher and I didn't think that I could ever do anything else that I felt so passionate about, then I found hypnobirthing... It completely changed my life, my career and, infact, my whole philosophy. I had such a truly beautiful birth with my little girl and knew that it was what I now had to do, to aid others in having a birth like I had.  

I teach KG hypnobirthing to lots of wonderful families in Sheffield, and have learned so much from each couple I teach and when I was a doula from each birth I went too.  I love the privilege of working with couples at such an incredibly special time in their lives, I love watching couples grow in their knowledge and perceptions of birth and I love watching them become more confident and grow together in their excitement of their upcoming birth.  As I have grown in my KG hypnobirthing journey I think the thing that I'm most passionate about now is supporting Dad's in finding their role as a supportive birthing companion, to be all their partners and babies need them to be.

I was also completely blessed when one of my beautiful Kg Hypnobirthing couples asked me to be their baby's GodMother. The Mum had been told she could only have a C-Section due to a very difficult first birth and I helped them through many doctor's apoointments and letters before she had the very beautiful birth that she wanted.  I was then at my little Goddaughter Dejah's birth and am now a very besotted GodMama.  Dejah will be one in a few weeks.

To complete my birthing world I am also the Chairperson of Sheffield Maternity Services Liaison Committee in which I reach out to hundreds of couples to find out how our local maternity services could be improved. The MSLC is now really highly regarded and on our recommendations changes are being made.  I have also recently been asked to be on the monitoring board of a research group focusing on a very exciting area of birth.  How has KH hypnobirthing changed my life? In all ways, it has made me incredibly happy and i believe it has made me a better person.  







Happy Hypnobirthing and warmest regards

Katharine    and    Archie

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