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Hypnobirthing is logical, gentle and profound. It has grown so quickly because, ten years ago, a few brave mothers did the course and it worked so well that they told all their friends. In the intervening ten years, it has grown exponentially and is now a well-known, accepted and effective form of antenatal preparation.

Hypnobirthing helps you release the fears and gives you the tools so that your body can give birth efficiently and comfortably in the way it is designed to do. The combination of easy to learn methods of breathing and deep relaxation and visualisation, combined with positive thought and language, reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety and fear and, as a result, reduce pain. Releasing fear is fundamental to the success of Hypnobirthing.

Membership of the Association

Membership benefits are listed here Membership of The Hypnobirthing Association is open to all fully trained HypnoBirthing teachers, from whichever school. The Hypnobirthing Association is the professional body for all HypnoBirthing teachers and accredited KG accredited Hypnobirting teachers, where couples can find top quality HypnoBirthing courses and Hypnobirthing teachers can exchange ideas to enhance their practice.

If you are interested in membership of the association please read the aims of the association.  You can make an application here, or request further information.

Our very best wishes to all Hypnobirthing and natural childbirth practitioners.  Lets keep working together to make childbirth an empowering experience.

About the association

The Hypnobirthing Association has been set up to establish and support ethical standards in Hypnobirthing teaching.

Membership of the association is open to all fully trained Hypnobirthing practitioners, who subscribe to the principles and ethics as described in the Association's aims.

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