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Invaluable Hypnobirthing

'I wanted to share that we found the hypnobirthing techniques invaluable, I honestly believe that there is no way I could have stayed that calm and confident throughout and achieved the VBAC I so desperately wanted.
This birth experience does not compare in any way to my first experience and has made everything much smoother since coming home.'

Give Birth The Way You Are Designed To Do

‘After two tough labours, my girlfriend was obviously quite anxious about giving birth a third time. My brother and his wife had used HypnoBirthing for the birth of their first child and sung its praises highly. We decided to give it a go- nothing ventured, nothing gained.

A quick Internet search later and we found Helen, a local HypnoBirthing teacher. Before we signed up, Helen came to our house to talk to us about what to expect and what we would get out of the course. It was obvious from the minute we met her that she is hugely passionate about HypnoBirthing. We read her testimonials and decided there and then that she was the one for us. We had five sessions with her, all at our house, all very informal and relaxed.

Despite initially being sceptical, Nicola soon began to see that HypnoBirthing was going to work for her. The techniques used are nothing clever or difficult, they simply teach human beings how to give birth the way that they are designed to do so. A technique that for whatever reason has largely got lost in today's modern society. It also doesn't involve being hypnotised as the name would suggest. HypnoBirthing doesn't eliminate the pain and discomfort of child-birth but it does lessen it and make it manageable.

We had a home birth and I know that being in familiar and comfortable surroundings also had a huge positive effect on the labour. Nicola remained in control of her body throughout the labour using the techniques that Helen had showed her. When the midwives showed up they didn't even think Nicola was in labour because she was so calm and relaxed. After the birth the midwives commented that they wished they had filmed the whole thing because from their point of view it was a textbook birth. Their only involvement was at the very end when baby popped out.

From a father's point of view, it was an absolutely amazing experience, an experience that I believe would have been entirely different without HypnoBirthing.’ – Martin

I wanted to thank you so much for your class and the knowledge you passed on

Dear Katharine,
I attended your hypno birthing class almost 6 years ago in preparation for the birth of our first son. Since then I have welcomed two more little boys into the world, with my youngest born just 10 days ago.
I wanted to thank you so much for your class and the knowledge you passed on all those years ago. Each of my boys was able to experience a beautiful, calm and totally natural birth because of all the preparation provided by your course (and despite all three being born in different countries!). I have also found the birth experience extremely empowering, with each giving me a greater appreciation for the miracles my body can perform. Instead of recalling fear, pain or intervention, I hold all three of my labours as my most prized memories.
I felt compelled to thank you for the work you do and let know the wonderful life long impact that your class has had on me and my family. I couldn't resist attaching a photo of my three hypno birthing babies!
Kind regards,
Sally Anderson

Shorter Labour

Shorter Labour
"Your labour was 2.5 hours shorter than I expect and you’ve got a very chilled out baby."
- Midwife at Queen Charlotte’s, London


It was amazing!
- Sally, Salisbury

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